Looking for a Place to SHINE: 

From Underestimated to Executive.

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Go from feeling overlooked and underestimated to feeling confident, valued, and in complete control of your career. 

You'll be seen as having high potential for successively more senior leadership positions In just a few short weeks.

Success is inevitable. You only have to decide.


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That's six sessions to guide you through the six-week SHINE executive coaching program PLUS two extra 1:1 sessions if you want additional insight as you transform your life and career!

How to know if this program is right for you:

Before I tell you about this comprehensive executive coaching program, let me take a moment to discuss who this program is really for. You will know it is especially for you if you have ever felt something like this...


Have you been in your present position for several years? Your boss may see you as inexperienced, even if you've long ago outgrown their mentorship.


Yet, you haven't been seriously considered for a promotion in far too long.


Still, the harder you work and the more value you deliver, the more your boss asks you to do. You feel obligated to keep going, hoping they'll notice all you contribute one of these days.


After all, you know you have a good job now, better than many others, and you’re grateful for the life you’re living. You wonder if you should try to be happy with how things are now.


Despite your goals, it seems no one considers you in your organization's high-potential pool for senior leadership. Yet, you KNOW deep down that you are ready.


It feels like magic to everyone else, but you spend long hours taking care of critical tasks no one else thinks about. It's back to that sense of obligation to do what's right, but you feel buried by the load and have no time to focus on you.


You think, "Maybe you’ve already hit your Upper Limit," while you quietly suppress your dream of advancing in your career.


You're passion-driven to make the world a better place. You'll lead the next generation, so they think about "work" in a completely different way.

If this is you, then you’re in the right place!

You don't have to wait until you are an executive to have your own executive coach.

This program will give you clarity, a step-by-step process, tools, and all the support and guidance you need to find your voice and boldly demonstrate your value so that others see you emerge from the pack in unexpected and inspiring ways.

By the end of this program, you will have...


Clarity and Strategic Career Vision

You are a special person with unique superpowers and a dream personal to you. I'll guide you to uncover what you want and WHY you want it. It is this distinct focus that will drive the rest of the program.


Barrier Removal

No matter how successful you have been to this point, there are some obstacles that remain in your path. This program will identify all of them, along with solutions to remove the ones you most want to change.


A Customized Roadmap

As part of this program, we'll develop a customized roadmap specific to your dream career and your industry. You'll know the exact steps you need to take this year to transition your dream into your everyday life.


A Supercharged Time and Task Management System

You might think you don't have time or have already tried and failed to make this career dream a reality. This is where everything changes. After module four in week four, I believe your life will be forever changed (for the better!)


My Proprietary 6-Step Executive Job Transition Plan

Transitioning from a good position to more senior positions without burning bridges and while growing a supportive network around you is essential to future success. Not to mention a plan to expand your vision as you deliberately rise in your career.


Personal Transformation and Evolution

You have heard it's about the journey, not the destination. That's easy to say but hard to believe when you feel like you've been stuck in a dead-end job for too long. Yet, as you progress through this program and toward your life and career vision, you'll be amazed at the complete transformation you'll ignite across your entire life.


See what my previous clients have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I used Tami's Six-Step Process to transition to a new organization and then rose in the company as my confidence grew! "

LEAH (26 years old)
Achieved a 6-figure position before completing her Bachelor's Degree

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"During the pandemic, I transitioned to full-time telework, and despite working more hours than I was getting paid for, I felt invisible. Tami's program helped me develop my own brand of quiet confidence!"

Received a $20K salary increase while participating in this program

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Women are often conditioned to support others' success. Tami taught me how to finally support my own dreams. I applied for three positions above my expectations and received offers for every position. I couldn't believe it!"

Transitioned from the military with multiple 6-figure offers

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Looking for a Place to SHINE: From Underestimated to Executive



6 monthly payments of $387 or a one-time payment of $1997

What's Inside this Program?

Module 1

Seize Your Dream

With all the responsibilities you have weighing you down, along with the long hours you are working, you barely have time to think, let alone dream. What is it you want? When was the last time you answered that question with full clarity of mind? Envision:

  • Knowing what’s possible for your life
  • Choosing a north star to follow, one that is true to your soul
  • Deciding to step forward with excellence!

Module 2


Knowing what’s possible and believing what’s possible are two different things. This is where most of the magic happens! Imagine yourself two months from now with…

  • Confidence throughout your life
  • True belief that you are worthy of your dream
  • A strong voice to advocate for yourself at work
  • The ability to overcome any obstacle in your path

Module 3

Intentional Planning

If you are here, you have already decided you want to live a life of intention. Forget about all the times you set a fresh goal in January and forgot about it by February. This is the year you make a deliberate plan to do things differently. This module is missing link between a New Year’s Resolution and transforming a dream into your reality. You’ll walk away with…

  • A career vision
  • The understanding of your opportunity to grow within your industry
  • A personalized map 

Module 4


The key to transformation is the ability to keep making progress, even when things get hard and even when you’re not sure what next step to take. If you’re ready to make massive progress this year, what if you…

  • Developed the power to make strong decisions without doubt and confusion
  • Let go of overwhelm, worry, and regret -- once and for all
  • Mastered time management and deep productivity
  •  Had a tried-and-true process for an executive position transformation

Module 5


It’s not the dream that matters, but who you become on the way to your dream. If you are honest with yourself, where you are today may have been your dream once upon a time. That is why it is critical to appreciate each step of the journey. As you rise (and you will), I always want you to stay true to who you are by… 

  • Giving back and helping others rise
  • Adjusting course when you realize you have a different or bigger dream
  • Never stop dreaming!

Additional program benefits:

Tailored Coaching

8 Weeks of virtual 1:1 coaching focused 100% on your personal goals.

27 Video Lessons

You'll receive a series of worksheets and video lessons to guide you through the process in between coaching sessions.

Step-by-Step Guide

It's your dream, I'm just here to help you reach it with a proven process.

Private Course Podcast

I know how busy your days can be, so I've added a private podcast feed so you can listen to lessons on the go!

100% Money Back Guarantee

This program WILL work if YOU DO THE WORK. There is no risk to you, read the details below.

Plus, You’ll be Backed by a Risk-Free 21-Day Guarantee.


“Looking for a Place to SHINE: From Underestimated to Executive” was explicitly curated to give you a straightforward process to decide what you want, develop an intentional plan to achieve it, and transform your mindset so that success becomes inevitable. It will create abundance within your career and your entire life.

IF you do the work.


Within 21 days of enrollment, you will have completed the first two modules, have a clearly defined goal for the course, identified the critical hurdles in your path, and developed a career vision that supports the life you want. You will also have had the opportunity to attend at least two 1:1 coaching sessions. 


If you decide this program is not for you, simply e-mail me at the address on your course welcome email, show me the work you have completed so far, and I’ll refund your investment. 

Your dream is in good hands.

Choose a coach who has created massive success in her own life and is driven to help you do the same!

30 Years of Success

One reason I believe you can do anything is, I have the thought:

If I can do it,

YOU can do it!

Let me help you create successive transformations in your life, including to the executive level.

Certified Career and Executive Coach

You don't have to wait until you are an executive to have your own certified executive coach!

Introverts Make the Best Leaders

Choose a coach who understands you, has walked in your shoes, and believes in the power of the introvert, 100%.

Productivity and Goal Achievement Expert

As a Full Focus Planner Certified Professional, Tami has the education and experience to help you transform your dreams into a life and career you love!


How do I schedule my coaching sessions?

I will send you an automated calendar link to schedule your eight (8) private 45-minute coaching sessions. All sessions must be conducted within 10 Weeks of your enrollment date. The calendar link will be sent in the onboarding email immediately upon enrollment.

How do I attend the virtual sessions?

All coaching sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. The link will immediately be sent when you select your date and time on the scheduling calendar.

Do I need any additional materials?

You will only need the internet and a device to access the course and Zoom sessions, such as a phone or computer. There are worksheets to support the lessons that will be delivered with most of the videos. These worksheets are .pdf files that you can download or print if desired. You are not required to print the worksheets; you may choose to do the work in your journal or notebook.

Note: I do offer an option to have a productivity box mailed to you. It includes my favorite planner, the "Full Focus Planner" by Michael Hyatt, and other special treats to keep you focused and on plan. This is included in the cost of the program.

How do I access the video lessons?

Immediately upon purchase of the program, you will be sent an email to create your login to the program course platform hosted on Once logged in, you can access a "Welcome and Onboarding Module." This is where you'll be welcomed into the program and can download the initial "new-client" worksheets. Module 1 lessons will be available the first Monday after you enroll.

Each week's Module, which includes 4-6 lessons each, will guide you through a new step in my proprietary S.H.I.N.E. process. New modules will drop on Mondays. There are six weeks of Modules, along with your eight weeks of coaching. The two extra coaching sessions are so we can work together on your total program implementation toward your complete transformation.

What if I have technical problems?

If you have any technical issues, email me at [email protected].

Do I have access to you in between coaching sessions?

As you go through the lessons and work through the worksheets during the week, you may have questions or want clarification on a concept. You may email me at [email protected] if this is the case. Please make sure you watch the associated video, as there are essential concepts I want you to know before filling out the worksheets. The lesson video may answer your questions.

Am I required to complete all the worksheets before the weekly coaching session?

No. You may have thoughts that block your efforts. The coaching sessions are a beautiful time to work through obstacles if this is your challenge.

How long will I have access to the lessons and worksheets? Do I have to finish all the work within eight (8) weeks?

You will have access to the lessons and worksheets as long as I offer this program. I will launch a new group coaching cohort 3-4 times a year, and each time I begin a new group session, I will improve the content (videos and worksheets) based on previous client feedback.

You will have access to all future improvements for as long as the course exists. If I decide to end the delivery of this course, I will notify all former clients and provide an opportunity to download all recent worksheets before I sundown the course for good.

Why wait? Start your new year strong!

Looking for a Place to SHINE: From Underestimated to Executive


6 monthly payments of $387 or a one-time payment of $1997

Meet Tami.

The founder of The "Looking for a Place to SHINE: From Underestimated to Executive" Coaching program and the host of the Introverted Executive Podcast, Tami has a passion for helping overlooked women in the workplace, find their voice so they can let their superpowers shine! Tami has created successive transformations in her life, ultimately rising from a shy small-town girl, to an enlisted U.S. Navy Sailor and then Naval Officer, to an Executive in a large organization. Her entire purpose is first to make sure you understand how powerful you are and then to speed up your path to success!

If you're ready to rise in your dream career, do not delay. This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!